Stanbridge My Darling Man

by Lynn
(Bedfordshire England)

Stanbridge   Darling Man

Stanbridge Darling Man

He was found on the grass verg of Billington village - Stanbridge Road - hence his name in March 2006 by my friend driving to work in his Landrover who knew what he was - not a mink- common on that road. So he was scooped up in a big pair of welding gloves as he was an unkown quanity and I got a phone call, at 7 am!! After my dear dog - departed 4 years - I wasnt looking for any more pets, but I'd had a ferret before and my friend couldn't keep him. So round he came. L U V at first sight. He was always so gentle, ready to play, great fun. He was so handsome, dark choclate legs, bushy tail, golden body and a zorro mask to die for We would garden together - he dug out more than I could put in, and would run in and out of the watering can spray. Tag was a good game, I'd chase him then he'd chase me round his 'bungalow' then he'd cheat climbing up the side to ambush me on the other side. At 7 am most mornings he would come into my room - he had is own room- climb up on my pillow and comb my hair. He was a good companion for traveling, with regular trips to 'the grandparents' in Lincolshire and holiday in Wales. Walking on his lead in the local countryside. When I came home from work he would run down the kitchen at 100mph to meet me, dance and dook. I'd dive bomb sock balls from the landing and he'd pounce on them in the hallway, and so much noise going up stairs donk donk donk you'd think it was an elephant!! I'd run a rolled up sock on his tummy and he'd play fight and nipping it. He was doing well against the lymphoma but developed diabetes as a result of the steroid treatment he was such a star. He was maybe 6yrs. My heart is broken. Til we meet again hunni bunni boy I love you.

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Stanbridge My Darling Man

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May 17, 2011
A full second chance in life
by: alex

I just lost my little Fura, who looked very much like your handsome boy Stanbridge... and I feel your pain... I have been told to toughen up (I guess not pet lovers) but the void left by such a little creature is unbelievable! She always made me smile... and I am sure you can relate to that... never had prozac but I feel she was better than that! :)

Your boy had an amazing life, a full loving second chance (what a lucky turn of events to end up adopted by you) and that's all that matters now. He was loved, he loved and now he is resting... I hold on to those thoughts for my ferret too, who I adopted from someone getting rid of her (that girl sadly had no idea she was giving me a treasure!). We have been blessed to experience the uncoordinated bounce of a ferret, the love and happiness they offer, the kleptomaniac tendences ... and other tricks of these amazing creatures :)

Big hug

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