Who’s behind adopt-a-ferret-101.com

ferrets and dogMy name is Nadia and I’m the proud mom (read minion) of 3 furkids; Nibbler and Stitch the fuzzies, and Tassie the dog. Tassie has been my loyal walking buddy since December 2002. Rescued her from a shelter at merely 8 weeks old. Nibbler and Stitch have been entertaining me since August 2004. Got both of them as kits from a private breeder. All four of us live happily in a tiny little country in the centre of Western Europe; Belgium. You know, from the waffles. And don’t forget the chocolate ;-)

I work a regular 9 to 5 (Dolly Parton anyone?), and almost all my time before and after my job is dedicated to my 3 pets. And this website. The ground floor and garden have been ferret-proofed, so when I’m home, the fuzzies have quite a big area to run and romp around. When I’m not home, they stay in their self-made ferret cage (which is not a great success) in the living room. They’ve adapted to my working and dog walking hours pretty quickly. So by the time I come home from work and have taken the dog out for a walk, I can see their tiny faces looking at me with sleepy eyes, yawning and stretching like only a ferret can. Preparing themselves for some energetic fuzzy action.

Why did I create this website?

Well, even though I thought I was well informed when I first got my fuzzies, I soon discovered I still had lots to learn. As a matter of fact, I’m still learning. With this website I aim to inform as much (future) ferret parents on how to take care of their furballs as I can. I’ve done my research, both online and offline. And of course I have a couple of years of experience under my belt.

I’m also hoping to keep on learning. If you agree, disagree with anything I’ve written here, or you want to share some information I’m missing or just a funny fuzzy story, you can do so through the contact form. Any flames or junk mail will be deposited on the kitchen floor where my fuzzies will have a field day with it ;-)

Thanks for checking out my website. If you want to stay informed on all things ferret, you can sign up to my newsletter. You’ll even get a special ferret first aid guide as a thank you.

I’m sure you’ll be (or already are) a great ferret mom or dad.

Happy dookin’!

dog and ferrets